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The Power of “Include Related Data”

When you include related data in a Transfer Rule, you move the “full string” of records. That means if you transfer an Account + Related Records, you will get the Contacts, Opportunities, Opportunity Line Items, Parent Accounts, etc. all the way through the object hierarchy. It’s awesome.

Simple to use. Powerful results.

We've packed tons of automation into this tool, so users can add value to their projects instead of fussing with dataloads.

Step 1

Sign in using OAuth

Secured by Salesforce, OAuth provides simple but safe authentication using your existing Salesforce credentials.

Step 2

Add your Source and Target Sandboxes

Production is automatically available as a Source, and you can add as many Sandboxes as you want.

Step 3

Click “Add Data to this Org” and define your Source

What sandbox are you filling, and where should the data come from?

Step 4

Add Transfer Rules

Transfer rules let you specify which data to transfer. For a given object you can choose: All records, Specific IDs, SOQL Query, or Dynamic.
One of our most common rule is a few Specific Account IDs + All Related Records.

Step 5

Confirm and Go! The transfer job is now queued.

Within 12 hours (usually faster), you will receive an email that your sandbox has been populated with data.

For a given object, you can specify four rule types:

All records

A SOQL Query

Specific IDs


Be a sandbox hero:

Move sample data for developers and testers.

Set up configuration data (like custom Products__c).

Replicate bugs from production in dev sandboxes.

Create realistic training environments.

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